Blue Mix TieBandz Hair Trio

A versatile and gentle hair tie that looks as good on your wrist as in your hair. Truly loves your hair and holds the thickest to finest of hair types. Soft & gentle so no snagging, pulling or breaking, meaning they're comfortable all day long. Colourful & versatile - wear it in your hair or on your wrist/ankle as a bracelet, so you're never without a hair-tie.

Tiebandz aims to empower women and 5% of their profit is donated to Vday.org, a charity aimed at ending violence against women and children around the world.

Tiebandz was founded by two London friends in search of the perfect hair-tie. Unable to find hair-ties that suited all hair types, they set about creating their own. With both practicality and style at the forefront, most important was that a hair-tie should never hurt the hair - but should feel soft and gentle while holding the thickest to the finest of hair types. Not only a hair-tie but also a bracelet - tiebandz is the style steal that suits all hair types. "The only hair-tie you will ever need" Tiebandz is a community that reaches out to all and excludes no-one. All #tiebandzbabes are strong and protect one another just like our hair ties. Each Tiebandz is created with the wearer in mind and is designed for diversity and longevity.

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