Molly & Izzie

Thank You: A Little Wish

What a lovely way to say thank you, and they get to keep the memento too. Little Wish bracelets are the perfect gift when you have something important to say.  All they have to do is make a wish and then tie the cord around their wrist. When the cord finally wears down and breaks the wish is released and will come true - so they say!

Molly & Izzie make their delicate wish bracelets by hand in Cumbria, England, using locally sourced materials, combining modern styling with quirky or sentimental messages. This bracelet is made from 1mm thick, waxed cotton cord and finished with a Rhodium silver star bead. Little Wishes cords are 35cm in length and untied, so they will fit any size of wrist. They are presented on an A6 card on 350gsm luxury linen textured card in  a plain white envelope.