The Oil Hut

Luxury Pillow Mist

This Luxury Pillow Mist combines natural essential oils of rose and lavender to make a stunning pillow fragrance and the perfect preparation for a good night's sleep.  One our most popular gifts - everyone wants to get their hands on this little bottle of magic for the ultimate in sleep therapy.  100% Vegan-Friendly

Bespoke handmade products using only the finest high quality ingredients, 100% natural products which are kind to your body and good for the environment around you. The Oil Hut makes all of its products in plastic-free, reusable aluminium bottles and are produced in small batches here in the UK.

The Oil Hut is a family run business based in Devon, UK offering handmade and hand poured natural products. Their base oil is mostly Sweet Almond – this is luxurious oil which is perfect as a base. Sweet Almond contains large amounts of Vitamins E and K – meaning that this oil not only helps skin to regenerate and maintain elasticity, it also promotes better circulation. Additionally, Sweet Almond oil is a natural UV blocker. Grapeseed oil is used in their bath oils, which has a fine texture and is easily absorbed by the skin.