Nordic Honey

Organic Gourmet Nordic Honey

At the end of the Nordic summer, an abundance of ripe and mellow plants delivers a honey the colour of a deep golden sunset with the rich aroma of a late harvest. Best enjoyed drizzled over seasonal fruits or stirred into a hot drink. 75g  

Who doesn't want to look after bees? This a little pot of pure gold and you can feel good by supporting the natural environment where the bees are allowed to thrive, resulting in cleaner air and more bees! 

At Nordic Honey, they partner with a select handful of small apiaries to offer high quality and organically certified honey. This means there are no noisy highways, dirty factories or chemically fertilised fields within three kilometres of our bee hives, allowing the nectar gatherers to live in peace and harmony with the nature around them. Nordic Honey is 100% organic starting from their support of organic beekeepers to their signature wooden lids handcrafted in a small carpenters workshop and their highly durable glass jars.