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Nordic Wine Gums Signature Edition Liquorice

Nordic gourmet wine gums - delicious sweets that bring a new level of Scandi cool to grown-up treats, containing liquorice and woodruff. This signature flavour combination was created in collaboration with Michelin chef, Jakob Mielcke, in his Copenhagen restaurant.  100% Vegan

All profits from the Signature range go directly to The Red Cross.

WALLY & WHIZ started in a small apartment in Copenhagen back in 2015, where chef Kristian Them Hansen created their first ever winegum. The foundation for the company was (and still is today) a passionate love for winegums. From the beginning the team were driven by a desire to create tasting experiences of the highest class, using natural recognisable flavours. All products are free from gluten, lactose, animal additives and artificial colours and flavourings.

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