Escape Therapy Balm

The Escape Therapy Balm by Scentered is a perfect way to add a little uplift to your day. Scented with rich exotic Oud, Sandalwood and Cedarwood with warming Frankincense, Amber and Vanilla. This is a new mess-free way to get your aromatherapy hit - rather than using a liquid oil, this Scentered therapy balm is solid and smoothes on like a lipstick, which feels and smells great on your skin. Perfect for the handbag too, with no risk of spills!

Sourced and made in England, Scentered use a highly complex, 100% natural blend of essentials oils extracted with traditional methods to ensure premium quality scents.

Scentered is an emerging lifestyle brand that focuses on making easy to use, portable products to help ease the daily stresses in life. Their use of aromatherapy aims to address the varied pressures we experience today, balancing the demands to slow down, sleep better and juggle more.