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Give A Gift To A Child In Need

Every year we select a charity partner to support with extra gifts from our collection.  As part of the 'giving' season, we want to be sure that we are also giving something to those who may not have everything they need this Christmas.  This year we're working with CCP Ltd (Caring for Communities & People) in support of their Hamper Scamper appeal.


CCP work with families all over the UK to prevent homelessness, strengthen families and promote independence.  Through their appeal last Christmas they were able to donate 2,800 gifts to children and young people in need.


We're delighted to be supporting Hamper Scamper this year and hope that you will join us in donating a small gift to their scheme.  All you have to do is 'Add Donation' when you order your Christmas Gift, and we'll do the rest.


For every gift box ordered, we'll wrap an extra gift for a child in need. And for every donation added, we'll add ANOTHER gift! We'll fill as many stockings as we can and send them on to the Hamper Scamper scheme who will distribute to the families most in need this Christmas.


You can follow our progress on our Facebook Page.

CPP Ltd is a registered charity no. 1043143