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About Us


We believe that every pound we spend is a vote for the world we want to see. For us that means that we make careful decisions about the products we sell. So if we're going to choose chocolate, we choose a supplier that gives their profits back to The Rainforest Foundation and helps to protect orangutans. 
It also happens to be excellent, organic chocolate.
We choose stationery that is recycled and made by a company that donates to education charities worldwide, supporting children and adults who cannot access basic schooling.
They also make pretty cool looking stationery... 😁
We choose jewellery that is made by artisans in Nepal, helping women in poverty to create better lives for themselves.
Oh and they also happen to make beautiful bracelets. 🌍

With over 200 gifts now in store, you can find gorgeous gifts for her, for him and for baby. So when you want to give a gift, give one that gives twice at BoxTree.

Join the revolution and give GOOD gifts.



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