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Something Special?

Add a little extra gift to your box?  Choose from these best-sellers that are guaranteed to please.
Spacemasks Spacemask (Single) £3.50
Laura's Confectionery Giant Strawberries £3.50
Eye Therapy Mask
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Beauty Pro Eye Therapy Mask £6.00
Laura's Confectionery Fizzy Peaches Sweets £3.50
Yorkshire Flapjack Lemon Drizzle Flapjack £2.50
Yorkshire Flapjack Chocolate Orange Flapjack £2.50
Ask Mummy & Daddy Pina Colada Gummies £3.50
Yorkshire Flapjack Stem Ginger Flapjack £2.50
Ask Mummy & Daddy Amaretto Cherries Gummies £3.50
Ask Mummy & Daddy Gin & Tonic Gummies £3.50
Laura's Confectionery Vegan Fizzy Strawberries £3.50
Laura's Confectionery Chocolatey Honeycomb Bites £3.50
Toffee Bonbons
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Laura's Confectionery Toffee Bonbons £3.50
Laura's Confectionery Jelly Beans Sweets £3.50
Mojito Gummies
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Ask Mummy & Daddy Mojito Gummies £3.50