Jewellery Gifts

Shop beautiful jewellery handmade in the UK from Staffordshire to Cumbria! 
Plus our very special Aid Through Trade roll-on bracelets made my artisans in Nepal.

Molly & Izzie A 'Little Wish' Bracelet £4.50
Molly & Izzie Keep Going: A Little Wish £4.50
Clementine Silver Star Bracelet £13.00
Aid Through Trade Silver Glass Beaded Roll-on Bracelet £12.00
Molly & Izzie I Love you: A Little Wish £4.50
Molly & Izzie I'm Sorry: A Little Wish £4.50
Aid Through Trade Gold Glass Beaded Roll-On Bracelet Sold Out
Molly & Izzie Thank You: A Little Wish £4.50
Clementine Silver Star Ring £5.00