Gifts for Tweens & Teens

Molly & Izzie 'Be Kind' Button Badge £3.00
The Gift Label 'Big Hug' Hand Cream £10.00
BoxTree Kids 'Cool to be Kind' Drinks Bottle £9.95 £15.00
BoxTree Kids 'Cool to be Kind' Snap Band £3.50
Molly & Izzie 'I'm Awesome' Button Badge £3.00
The Gift Label 'Stay Fabulous' Hand Cream £10.00
The Gift Label 'Warm Love' Body Mist £9.95 £17.00
The Gift Label 'You Are Awesome' Hand Cream £10.00
Molly & Izzie 'You Got This' Button Badge £3.00
Goodeehoo Blue Eco Ball Pen £9.00
Kikkerland Bright LED Bag Light £4.00
ECoffee Bright Pink Bamboo Cup £10.00
ECoffee Camouflage Bamboo Cup £10.00
Kikkerland Emergency Tech Kit £9.50
Barber Pro Face Putty Charcoal Mask £6.00
Laura's Confectionery Fizzy Peaches Sweets £3.50
Kikkerland Folding LED Booklight £9.00
Laura's Confectionery Giant Strawberries Sweets £3.50
Joe & Seph's Honey & Hazelnut Popcorn £2.50
Cocoa Loco Milk Chocolate Buttons £3.00
Cocoa Loco Milk Chocolate Lolly £2.50
Laura's Confectionery Milk Chocolate Raisins £3.50
Kikkerland Multi-Tool Pen £4.00
ECoffee Neon Zebra Bamboo Cup £10.00
Goodeehoo Pink Eco Ball Pen £9.00
Vent For Change Pink Ideas List Pad £4.50
Laura Jackson Designs Pink Leaf Print Coaster £3.50
Kind Bag Pink Palm Design Kind Bag Sold out
Vent For Change Pink Pencil Pack £4.00
Laura Jackson Designs Pink Print Carry-all Pouch £9.95 £14.00