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Autumn Gifts

Send the gift of warmth and love to bring some cheer as the nights draw in.   These delicious golden treats will deliver a hug in a box...
Yorkshire Flapjack Autumn Spice Flapjack £2.50
Goodeehoo Orange Eco Ball Pen £9.00
Kent & Fraser Spicy Ginger Biscuits £4.00
Naked Marshmallow Co Vanilla Bean Marshmallows £4.50
Dunkertons Craft Organic Cider £3.00
Swedish Tea Ministry Lemongrass Ginger SuperTea £5.50
Yorkshire Flapjack Chocolate Orange Flapjack £2.50
Bramley Botanical Hand Cream £8.00
Swedish Tea Glass
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Swedish Tea Ministry Swedish Tea Glass £8.50
Most Wanted Sauvignon Blanc Wine £4.50
Vent For Change Cream Pencil Pack £4.00
Scentered Be Happy Therapy Balm £14.50
Naked Marshmallow Co Vegan Vanilla Marshmallows £4.50
Yorkshire Flapjack Stem Ginger Flapjack £2.50