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Send a gift by post. These ready-made gift boxes are packed with gifts that give back to good causes and help to protect our planet for the future. 
So you can send a gift that gives twice!  Simply add your personal message and we'll do the rest. 
You can also Create Your Own Gift Box in 3 easy steps.
BoxTree Night Off £31.00
BoxTree Bee Gifted £35.00
BoxTree Botanical Collection £43.50
BoxTree Sleep Well £37.50
BoxTree Little Tonic £28.50
BoxTree Spa Night £46.50
BoxTree Men's Classic £33.50
BoxTree Relax £50.00 £59.50
BoxTree Sweet Treats // Green £25.00
BoxTree Quiet Night £41.00
BoxTree Pick Me Up £27.00
BoxTree Be Happy £38.50
BoxTree Time To Relax £23.50
BoxTree Gourmet Box £30.50
BoxTree Sweet Treats // Blue £25.00
BoxTree Hygge Box £32.50
BoxTree After Dinner Box £29.50
BoxTree She Means Business £29.50
BoxTree Birthday Love £45.50
BoxTree You Rock! £35.50
BoxTree The Big Sleep Box £54.00
BoxTree You Are Lovely £30.50
BoxTree Survival Pack £31.00
BoxTree Beautiful £42.50
BoxTree Coffee Taster Box £30.50
Letterbox Gift Little Wish £21.00
BoxTree Have A Treat £23.50
BoxTree Restore £50.00 £59.50
Letterbox Gift Someone Loves You £17.50
BoxTree Desk Buddy // Pink £38.00
BoxTree The Beauty Box £39.00
BoxTree The Original £43.00
BoxTree Starry Night £29.50
BoxTree Desk Buddy // Black £38.00
BoxTree Stay Sharp £40.00
BoxTree The Pamper Box £47.00
BoxTree Put Your Feet Up £28.50
BoxTree New Baby Boy £48.50
BoxTree Enjoy The Coffee £26.50
BoxTree Bedtime £32.00
BoxTree Making Memories £28.50
BoxTree Baby On The Way £48.50
BoxTree At Home // Green £55.00
BoxTree The Care Package £29.50
BoxTree In The Bag £41.00
BoxTree Little Baby Boy £29.50
BoxTree Mummy & Me £46.50
BoxTree New Baby Girl £48.50