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Wally & Whiz: Michelin starred wine gums

Wally & Whiz wine gums have taken the much loved sweet and turned it into a gourmet taste experience, with flavours including Apple & Yuzu and Mango & Passionfruit as standard, as well as incredible gastronomic combinations created by Michelin-starred chefs for ‘signature editions’. These include Claus Henriksen’s Peach & Bronze Fennell and Jakob Mielcke’s Liquorish and Woodruff both of which are just crying out to be sampled, and as soon as possible! Brilliantly, all profits from these signature specials is donated to charity, making them an even sweeter treat for us to enjoy.

These delicious gourmet wine gums are handcrafted using high quality, natural ingredients in Denmark. They contain absolutely no animal products so they’re Vegan-friendly, and Wally & Whiz are committed to sustainability from production right through to delivery. Plastic is avoided where possible, and where it is currently unavoidable, it is recyclable and reusable, so it won’t end up negatively impacting the environment.

Laura says: “Taking Scandinavian quality and design to a new level, these perfectly square little gems make the sweetest addition to any giftbox. They came to fruition in Maker, Kristian Them Hansens’, kitchen when he tried to recreate his favourite sweet using natural ingredients. From there to the Michelin-starred kitchens of Copenhagen, then on to the BoxTree shelves, I for one am very glad he did!”

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