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Vent for Change: Sustainable Stationery

Laura says: “Vent for Change have made tangible changes for good in the lives of many children around the world, using stylish and sustainable stationery to fund global education projects. And it’s worth pointing out that they have had a substantial impact on me and my business as well. 

I met Evan when I was just starting out with BoxTree and he was doing a talk about his ethical motivation. I remember turning to my business partner and saying, ‘what if every gift we stocked came from a company that worked for good?’ and that was that!  BoxTree became an ethical gifting company, working only with caring, eco-conscious, natural and/or charitable enterprises.

Around half of our Makers were already in this category and it’s been my absolute joy to discover more and more incredible Makers from Britain and beyond. These skilled and imaginative people create exquisite products that become wonderful gifts, whilst making a positive impact to the world and those that live in it. I have a lot to thank Evan for, and am naturally delighted to stock his gorgeous stationery as part of the BoxTree collection.”

Evan Lewis began producing recycled stationery – primarily pencils – in 2014 in a small facility in Bristol. At the same time there was a string of devastating natural and man-made disasters effecting children worldwide, especially their education. The obvious link with pencils and education led Evan to realise he could make a significant change by selling pencils in the UK and donating a portion of the proceeds to existing education charities around the world.

Continuing his original commitment to the planet by using sustainable and/or recycled materials (including recycled Italian handbags for notebook covers!), Evan’s stationery is stylish and contemporary with fresh designs featuring a nature-inspired colour palette.

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