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Tom Lane: Luxury Alpaca Accessories

Is there anything more comforting than a snuggly pair of socks to wear in bed on a chilly night? Or to pop on with your PJs for an evening of pampering and chocolate in front of a boxset? The Tom Lane socks that we stock are spun from Alpaca wool which is known for its warmth and incredibly soft texture, and they are a gorgeous UK-made addition to our collection and to every gift box with a theme of comfort and wellbeing.

Tom Lane is the name of a lane that runs through a Lincolnshire village, home to Jayne Ireland’s family farm. It is here that she spins the luxurious and super-soft wool, before exporting it to factories around the UK to be made into socks and other accessories. Jayne has a degree in Fashion Design from Falmouth University which she puts to good use designing different knits including rib, fleck and cable knit and a natural palette of colours to suit every taste.

Laura says: “Jayne’s socks are perfect for a night in, firstly because the 90% Alpaca yarn makes them sumptuously soft, but secondly, they’re designed to have a looser style of fit which is so comfortable and cozy. They’re a lovely addition to a box designed around the ‘hygge’ concept of gaining contentment and well-being from the simple things in life. 

It’s also great to support Jane’s business as she’s built it single-handedly and takes a real hands-on approach, visiting factories and sourcing the very best materials and craftmanship from the British Isles.”


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