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TieBandz: Friendship-bracelets for your hair

TieBandz is a company founded by two friends, and their friendship shines through everything they do. From the vibrant friendship-bracelet-style hairbands that are kind to your hair, to their support of charities working to empower women, this is the modern-day definition of girl power and we love that they’re part of our collection.

Laura says: “When you see a hair tie hastily rolled around a wrist, you know you’re looking at someone who has a lot to juggle that day, and is ready to roll up their sleeves, tie back their hair and do what needs doing. With Tiebandz, you’re not only ready for action, you’re sporting a vibrant and heart-lifting accessory. It’s just a brilliant idea. And the fact that a profit percentage is donated to, helping women and children in vulnerable positions, just makes it an even more beautiful gift.”

TieBandz are a testament to diversity in the world of hair, designed to work with every kind of hair from thick to thin, curly to straight and everything in between. There is no snagging, pulling or breaking, so they can be worn comfortably all day long. With jazzy designs in an extensive range of colours, there’s one to suit every taste and every hair tone, and they can be worn on your wrist or ankle whenever you want to shake it all out!

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