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Swole Panda: Bamboo Socks

This is the tale of a young chap who wanted to create a sock that would change socks forever… Shunning the flimsy, throw-away footwear of his youth, he wanted something long-lasting, classic yet quirky, sustainably made and of premium quality… And so, the bamboo sock was born! 

Oliver Slacke was inspired whilst learning about sustainable development at Kings College London. Exploring alternative resources, he discovered that bamboo can be sustainably sourced for clothing and accessories, making it kind to the planet. He also discovered that bamboo fabric is breathable, thermal-regulating and extremely soft, making it perfect for a pair of socks!

Taking his studies a step further he found that there was a way of sourcing bamboo without pinching it from its biggest subscriber, the panda. Swole Panda use a species of bamboo that takes three years to reach the height and width of a typical tree… making it one of the most sustainable natural resources the planet has provided us with, and it’s grown far from the precious panda bears’ habitats. In addition, Swole Panda donates a portion of every sale to animal charity Pandas International. 

Laura says: “There’s just something about seeing a flash of a brightly patterned sock between trouser leg and shoe… or is that just me? Either way, dull socks are definitely out, and vibrant, socks are in – particularly if they’re made from sustainable materials and are impeccably woven like the Swole Panda offering. These fit snugly into a BoxTree gift box and make a fab gift that will last for years.”

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