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SuperTea by The Swedish Tea Ministry

SuperTea’s organic blends are made in small batches by speciality tea company, Teministeriet (Tea Ministry), based in Malmö, Sweden. Teministeriet’s cofounder, Kathryn, has combined everything she learned about the ancient traditions of tea production while growing up in Taiwan, and recreated it with the flavours and visual aesthetics of Scandinavia.

From passionfruit to green tea & mint, the multiculturally-inspired flavours are all ‘Super’, i.e. super teas, super herbs, super fruits and super spices, so are a treat for the whole body as well as the taste buds.

Laura says: “Including a special box or small pack of luxury tea in a gift box is a lovely idea, but there are so many tea brands out there it was hard to choose a maker. When I came across SuperTea I was instantly wowed by the elegant, planet-friendly packaging which is so Scandi-stylish in appearance that you’ll want to collect all the flavours just so you can admire the colour spectrum on your kitchen shelf. However, they also have brilliant ethical and eco-friendly credentials, and their tea is absolutely delicious. I’m so happy they’re our tea maker!”

The paper teabags contain 100% organic, all-natural ingredients and from biodegradable filters to recycled paper, all materials are planet-friendly, making this stylish choice an ethical one as well. A big thumbs up from us!

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