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Spacemasks: Interstellar relaxation

Ah Spacemasks! The word on every beauty blogger’s lips, and the most popular product in our collection. These self-heating eye masks with their calming jasmine fragrance are also made from completely natural materials and have 100% recyclable packaging.

They are the perfect addition to practically any gift box as they’re small, neat and extremely effective, offering 15 minutes of blissful escape and relaxation. Now for a little bit of science… The masks are activated when they are opened, and the iron particles contained in each mask meet oxygen in the air. This creates gentle heat, releases a soothing aroma and transports you far away from any earthly worries (hence ‘space’!).

Laura says: “Space Masks are brilliant for any gift box, and an essential item in my house. If I’ve had a busy day, I take 15 minutes to lie down, close my eyes and pop one on. In fact, I find them so rejuvenating that I keep one in my handbag for a quick boost during the day… when required!”

Harriet is the creator of Spacemasks and began running the business from her front room in 2017. Having experienced anxiety during her 20s, Harriet was keen to create an affordable, self-heating mask that would help people to sleep as well as combating stress, fatigue or anxiety.

Created with kindness in mind, offering a delicious experience and environmentally sound, Spacemasks are also available in special ranges with all profits going to meaningful causes including cancer charities Royal Marsden (rose scented) and Little Lifts (chamomile scented).


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