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Seedball: A wildlife sanctuary in a tin

Emily and Ana’s mission to save our country’s bees and other pollinators led them to wildflowers which, in turn, led them to seeds. As a result, they invented these clever balls of protective, compost-containing bee and insect-friendly seeds.

Describing their non-profit business as a wildflower gardening revolution, the two women’s response to a distressing decline in British garden wildlife was to invent a highly effective, yet fool-proof solution to sowing wildflower seeds in gardens, balconies and window boxes across the UK. The seedballs come complete with nutrient-rich compost which both feeds and protects them, so they only need water to flourish; no mucking around with chemical plant feed!

These award-winning balls of goodness were inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese natural farming innovator who promoted the use of clay balls imbued with seeds for successful germination. The two girls, who were studying conservation at Aberdeen University and had been trying to grow wildflowers with little success, came across his work and realised that they’d found a solution. They spent the next two years testing and developing their Seedball recipe and the rest is history.

Laura says: “Seedballs contain such a clever combination of natural ingredients; they even contain chilli powder to help deter slugs and snails from eating the young shoots! And these little balls end up providing a wonderful habitat for butterflies, bees and other insects with no more human intervention than a watering can. A fabulous gift for a garden lover, new home-owner or foodie, we stock salad and herb mix, as well as the original bee mix.”

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