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Seddon & Davison: Capturing Wild Britain in Pictures

Kara and Mark Davison have created a magnificent life for themselves in the Yorkshire Dales, where they combine their artistic skills and love of the British Wildlife to make exceptionally stylish homeware items.

Mark is a wildlife photographer who will disappear for days amongst the remote, rolling hills of Yorkshire, patiently seeking the perfect shot of a hare, stag or golden eagle. His unique ability to capture each creature’s personality makes the resulting images astonishingly relatable, and Kara’s vision and stylish application of the images makes them a pleasing addition to the home.

Beginning with their inspirational surroundings and creative skill, Kara and Mark wanted to create items that appealed to both men and women, combined an appreciation of Britain’s wildlife with contemporary, vibrant styling, and reflected the fine quality expected of manufacturers in the north of the country.

The range of homeware including coasters, placemats, cushions and mugs feature Mark’s photography in monochrome, set against a palette of classic colours. Their signature style brilliantly represents British heritage with a contemporary edge, making it the perfect gift for anyone, with any style of home, who loves the outdoors. 

Laura says: “Seddon & Davison products make stylish and attractive items for the home that have come about through passion, skill and imagination. I love that they’re a celebration of the magnificent nature of the Yorkshire Dales, as well as the renowned design and manufacturing skills to be found in that part of the country."

We stock the Hare and stag coasters which look terrific on any side table, and are perfect to pop in a giftbox celebrating a new home.

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