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Scentered: Portable Aromatherapy

Lara Morgan created her range of natural oils after recognising the powerful impact that aromatherapy can have on our moods, thoughts and emotions throughout the day. A successful businesswoman in the hospitality world, Lara was wearing several ‘hats’ each day; travelling, working and relaxing, and she realised that inhaling particular scents really helped her to mindfully transition between these states, restoring lifestyle balance. From this, the concept of ‘portable aromatherapy’ was born, with handy, pocket-size tubes of solid essential oils which are applied to the pulse points before being deeply inhaled.

BoxTree founder, Laura, says: “Lara’s full range including candles and bath products are so luxurious as well as being ethical, that it’s tempting to stock the lot. But I have a particular fondness for her original product, the ‘portable aromatherapy’ balms because they promote a very personal self-care ritual which is something everyone can benefit from. It’s not about wearing a perfume that others can smell, but about using scent as a mental trigger to de-stress, focus, relax and so on. They make a gorgeous addition to a gift box as there’s one to suit almost every state of mind!”

Central to Lara’s business ethos is the commitment to create a range of products that help people while causing no harm to the planet. As a result, her products are 100% natural with packaging that is recyclable or reusable, minimising Scentered’s carbon footprint while maximising the creative reusability of their packaging.