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Recycled Candle Company: 100% recycled 100% luxury

We love the Recycled Candle Company because their simple, yet brilliant, business model takes items that would be thrown away (candle ends) and turns them into something beautiful (scented candles). This reduces landfill for the planet, reduces financial waste for their suppliers, and provides BoxTree with the most wonderful candles to pop in our boxes. It’s the perfect eco-business fairytale! And the story behind it is a cracker.

Richard had a magical childhood brewing up jams, soaps and candles in his mum’s kitchen. He collected candles that were reaching the end of their lives and melted them down, reusing the wax to make new ones. In adulthood he simply repeated this process on a grown-up, commercial scale, sourcing candle ends from hotels, restaurants, churches and hospitality events. With the help of his partner, Sargon, the Recycled Candle Company was born!

Laura says: “The Recycled Candle Company are just so exciting. Richard and Sargon started the business driving around in their car collecting used candles. They gathered these candle ends from amazing places, including many famous London restaurants like The Savoy and, rumour has it, they even secured some candles from a royal wedding!”


So from humble, and not-so-humble, beginnings these candles are given new life. Hand-poured in their Devon workshop, Richard and Sargon have created high-end scented candles in a range of fresh, delicate fragrances including lime & ginger, jasmine & mint and rose & oud. The perfect touch for a spa night at home, or to give any room a soft and fragrant glow, each candle has a heritage of its own making it the perfect gift.

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