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Nursem: Natural therapy for hardworking hands

The idea for Nursem was born on a paediatric ward, where intensive care nurse and founder, Antonia, would often return home with cracked and bleeding hands from the regular hand washing required to keep her young patients safe. Being unable to find a skincare product that treated this specific problem, she and her husband, Jonny, began a 7-year project to create a hand cream that would treat nurses’ over-washed hands safely and that could be used regularly throughout their busy shifts.

They wanted their product to be effective, to be made from natural ingredients and to be caring – not only to busy hands but to the planet. Working with a group of British nurses, laboratories and Newcastle Science City, Antonia and Jonny launched Nursem through Crowd Funding in 2018.

The willing hands of 3,000 nurses, a great deal of research and a range of natural ingredients were involved in perfecting the Nursem formula so that it:
  • Soothes inflammation and soreness with medical grade Manuka Honey and White Willow extract.
  • Conditions using a rich blend of Allantoin and Pro Vitamin B5; these immediately moisturise the skin keeping it constantly nourished.
  • Protects with plant oils and Glycerin, to restore the protective barrier that retains the skin’s moisture and hydration.

The issue at the core of Antonia’s vision for Nursem is no small matter; nurses wash their hands an average of 55 times a day which damages the skin’s protective barrier and can often lead to contact dermatitis – a condition which requires time away from work to heal. A shocking 87% of nurses suffer from painful skin conditions as a result of the repetitive hand washing required to keep their patients safe, and until now no products have been created to specifically treat and care for these most hardworking and caring of hands.

The Nursem Promise – caring for those that care for us

Natural, effective and caring though it is, the thing that makes Antonia's business truly special is the Nursem Promise: With every Nursem product purchased, Antonia and Jonny provide a month’s worth of this caring cream to nurses and midwives in NHS hospitals around the country, and by 2025 they hope to have delivered a tube to every single one.

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