Nordic Honey

There is so much good in these elegant little pots of honey, from the clean, organic honey itself to the handcrafted wooden lids. However, it’s the care and integrity involved in their production that really sets Nordic Honey apart from other producers.

Because Nordic Honey only partner with small Scandinavian apiaries who share their bee-friendly values, the protected bees collect nectar in a variety of clean, natural environments at least 3km away from roads, factories or chemically fertilized fields. This is what makes it certified organic, 100% natural and beautifully pure.

A wonderful example of the worldwide movement to protect bees, the entire ethos of Nordic Honey is to demonstrate the preciousness of organic honey – a substance which is under threat of disappearing from our world along with its industrious insect producers.

Laura says: “The cycle of pollination and honey production is one of Mother Nature’s most amazing gifts to us humans. I love that Nordic Honey are paying tribute by presenting the honey in exquisite, handmade packaging and prompting us to consider the many gastronomic ways that honey can be used, for example pairing it with specific tea blends to enhance the flavour. It makes a beautiful gift and the stylish pots with their wooden lids can be reused in any number of ways, but ideally in a way that means they’re on display as they’re so pretty!”

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