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Why We Love Love Cocoa!

Love Cocoa
By James Cadbury

The one gift that everyone seems to want to include in their box is a slab of delicious chocolate. Laura says: “Love Cocoa were one of the first makers we chose to join our BoxTree community. I loved James’ entrepreneurial spirit, and his brand has a brilliant story to tell. Personally, I think it’s amazing that for every bar of chocolate sold, Love Cocoa plants a tree. Right now, they’re forecasting 500,000 trees to be planted this year!”

James Cadbury takes inspiration from his great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, who set up Cadbury’s Chocolate nearly 200 years ago. John was a Quaker and philanthropist and built Cadbury on pioneering ethical grounds, looking after its workforce and improving civil rights.

James’s modern-day venture is based on a similar commitment to the wellbeing of his staff and suppliers, but he’s also added a large helping of environmental consciousness to the mix. Not only is Love Cocoa chocolate palm oil-free and slave-free, they have also partnered with The Rainforest Foundation to help combat problems of deforestation, cocoa farmer poverty, and human rights abuses that are sadly common within the cocoa industry.

The ‘Plant a Tree’ project works with, not against, the communities based in the areas that cocoa is grown and farmed, offering alternative ways of earning a living to the financial temptations of deforestation.

At BoxTree we stock a full menu of flavours from this fabulous maker, including some pretty special treats like Gin & Tonic chocolate, and a bar designed to taste like vanilla sponge birthday cake complete with sprinkles! Believe us it really is just like the real thing…one of the perks of this job is that we get to taste every new product before we stock it, lucky us.

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