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Laura's Confectionery: Sweets for my sweet

A special treat for all those with a sweet tooth, Laura’s Confectionery includes all the British favourites from giant strawberries to pink and white mice. The pick n mix style sweets are presented in reusable pouches that come in a range of pastel shades. They make a gorgeous gift for children and grownups alike – we think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who didn’t love a fist full of cola bottles or melt-in-the-mouth, clotted cream fudge.

Laura launched her business whilst at university, selling handmade fudge at festivals. Her range of confectionary now stocks the sweetie shelves in stores up and down the country, from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park shop to John Lewis, and they’re all hand-made in her Yorkshire kitchen.

(Our) Laura says: “Laura’s turned a love of homemade fudge and pick n mix-style sweets into a wonderful British success story. She’s pushing her sweetie empire to new levels, introducing reusable packaging and vegan ranges of sweets and fudge. And, like her brand, she’s absolutely charming! Pop a packet in your gift box and you’re guaranteed to brighten someone’s day.”

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