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Laura Jackson: Contemporary homeware

Laura Jackson’s aesthetically pleasing designs come from a love of homewares and interiors combined with a life-changing period travelling in far-flung countries and absorbing cultural and visual inspiration as she went. Her style is contemporary and geometric with a firm footing in nature, and her coasters, tea towels and washbags come in a range of classic shades to brighten up any room.

Laura says: “Laura’s bright, contemporary designs were born from an important lesson she learnt whilst travelling around Asia and the Pacific: No matter their circumstances, people around the world have an undying pride in their home. Her designs are both a tribute to these people and a way of passing on that warm glow of pride that comes with having a beautifully accessorised home.

Perfect for a house-warming token, a special addition to an ‘off to Uni’ box, or a charming wedding present, these homely yet striking items make an understandably popular gift choice.”

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