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Joe & Sephs: Gourmet Popcorn

Joseph Sopher, popcorn connoisseur and founder of Joe & Seph’s, was inspired to have a go at making his own popcorn after tasting the wide range of flavoured popcorn on offer in the USA. Realising that there were limited flavour choices in the UK, he began experimenting in his family kitchen, getting through a fair few frying pans as he went along. Before long, Joseph had invented a completely new collection of flavours using ‘air-popping’, a non-frying method that meant his popcorn was not only original and delicious, but healthy as well.

Since then the family business has gone from strength to strength, launching in Selfridges and winning a shelf-load of awards, partnering with other exciting food producers, and branching out into the world of caramel sauces. Sweet success!

Laura says: “Joe & Seph’s are a brilliant British success story combining culinary curiosity, family teamwork and an innovative approach to food production. The popcorn is made in London kitchen by pastry chefs with only the highest quality ingredients and no flavouring or preservatives. Their brand is as British as can be and the flavours are incredible. There’s definitely something for everyone and, in my experience, everyone loves a bag of popcorn!”

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