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Goodeehoo: Vegan-friendly 'leather' accessories

Introducing Ceri and Natalie Jones, a husband and wife team and the hearts and brains behind luxury vegan leather brand Goodehoo. The Joneses combined a love of beautifully designed accessories, stationery and gifts with a commitment to the planet, making their strokeably soft items from animal-friendly ‘leather’. 

Here’s how it works: Goodehoo use hand-crafted soft grain PU rather than PVC to create the exclusive 'leather look' of their luxury products. It looks and feels like the real thing while being completely free from animal products, and it’s a greener alternative to PVC as it doesn’t require the same chemical plasticisers and will therefore eventually degrade.

Laura says: “Nat and Ceri wanted their animal-friendly accessories to be so stunningly attractive that they turned heads wherever they went. As a tribute to owls (who, as we all know, can turn their heads 360 degrees) they named their business Goodehoo which is the phonetic spelling of ‘owl’ in Welsh! I love this, and I love their ethical take on luxury goods. And I really love their butter-soft leather purses, keyrings and pens which make an extra-special addition to any gift box.”

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