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FixIts: Reusable mouldable sticks

You know those clever little gadgets that become one of life’s essentials? Well this is definitely one of those. From fixing a frayed phone charger cable to steadying a wobbly table, FixIts solve so many irksome issues, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. 

Laura says: “We introduced FixIts especially for Fathers’ Day, though I have to say this is not just a toy for the boys; us ladies love to mend just as much as the gents! This product has to be seen to be believed; dunking one of these brightly coloured sticks into hot water and watching the consistency change is a bit like carrying out a science experiment. Then you simply break off the required quantity and squish it to the shape you need. Genius!” 

Sublime in its simplicity, this super smart invention consists of a magical (and natural) material that goes from a solid state to a softened state… and then back to solid in around 5 minutes. This all happens with the application of hot water, making the brightly coloured sticks a mouldable putty. Once you’ve applied this to whatever needs fixing, you can leave it in a solid state or apply heat to make it malleable once more, meaning it’s always reusable… which means it’s a good thing to have on our planet! Furthermore, it’s made of a compostable material which is BPA-free, so its eco-credentials are spot on.

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