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ECoffee Cup: Reusable coffee to go

Occasionally we’re presented with hard-to-stomach facts about environmental waste, and the plastic coffee cup is a well-known shaming example… brace yourself, we’ll keep it short:

Each year over 300 billion single-use cups are made and less than 2% will ever be recycled. But, more positively, this shocking fact has inspired the creation of ECoffee reusable cups which are made from natural ingredients and can be reused over and over again, lasting years rather than the estimated 10 minutes of their single-use equivalents.

Since launching the ECoffee cup in 2014, more than 10 million single-use cups have been prevented from entering landfill. That’s the kind of news we liketo hear, and we at BoxTree are delighted to include these bright and beautiful cups in our collection, hopefully contributing to this positive change.

Now, a quick bit of science: The cups are made from bamboo, corn starch and resin, and are BPA, BPS and Phtalatate-free. The lid and sleeve are made with silicone which is latex-free and designed especially for hot liquids. They have a re-sealable ‘no-drip’ lid, meaning you can carry them in your bag without fear of spills and leaks, and the cups are dishwasher-safe and have no plastic after-taste.

Laura says: “ECoffee Cups are not only leading an eco-revolution in the take-away coffee world, they also make a really attractive accessory. They come in a range of beautiful, contemporary designs with a look to suit everyone. Brilliantly, ECoffee also offer special charities the chance to design their own cup, then any profits made are donated to their cause.”

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