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Dopper: Saving our oceans one reusable bottle at a time

Dopper’s mission is to empower people to choose reusable water bottles over single use bottles to protect our world’s water sources. It all began with their founder, Merijn Everaarts, launching a design competition to find the most sustainable alternative to single-use bottles, and the Dopper bottle, with its clever cup lid, was the clear winner!

The bottles are stylish, easy to fill, use and carry, and come in a range of colours to suit every taste. They’re sustainably made using plastic that can be reused for years to come, and if you’re ever finished with them, they are fully recyclable. Though everything you’d want in a funky and reusable water bottle, the mission behind them is what really sets Dopper apart from other brands. They use the proceeds from sales to run education programmes, research programmes, awareness campaigns and clean-drinking projects in places like Nepal.

A large part of Dopper’s raison d'être is spreading awareness of the shocking number of single-use plastic bottles that end up in our oceans, creating ‘plastic soup’ and killing millions of fish and birds every year. Dopper brought crowds of museum visitors ‘eye-to-eye’ with the plastic soup by putting a sample of it on display and asking visitors to do their part for our oceans. Their awareness stunts like this one are as gutsy and ‘out-there’ as their educational, research and environmental projects are sincere and commendable.

Laura says: “Dopper bottles make fantastic gifts for people who are environmentally-minded, out and about a lot, or into fitness – we’ve seen some brilliant boxes created around them on these themes. But Dopper’s purpose – creating cleaner oceans and making a better world – is the reason I’m so happy we stock them. Every time someone adds a Dopper bottle to their gift box they prevent 40 single use water bottles from entering our oceans; a gift for someone special, and a gift for the planet at the same time.”

The way Dopper see it, they’re spreading the message to stop plastic pollution and drink from the tap, and with every new owner of a Dopper bottle, a lower number of throw-away bottles end up being manufactured, sold and dumped. Check out our ocean-saving bottles here.