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Clementine Jewellery: Lovingly handmade in Staffordshire

Classic and simple, whilst also contemporary and unique, Clementine Jewellery is designed to be effortlessly wearable and to appeal to just about everyone. Each piece is created with a lot of love, thought and attention to detail, and comes beautifully packaged, making it an extra special gift to both give and receive.

Very much a home-grown business, Ami started making jewellery for herself and for friends and family in 2005. Her beautiful creations were so popular that requests began flooding in and she soon realised that she could build a business from her much-loved hobby. She now sources semi-precious stones and high-quality metals from around the world and hand makes the entire jewellery range in a converted pottery in Staffordshire.

Laura says: “Ami’s jewellery is delicate and feminine, yet designed and made to be really wearable on a day-to-day basis. Also, her designs have a timeless quality that means they make a lovely gift for ladies of any age.”

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