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BeautyPro: Sheet mask innovators

We love BeautyPro at BoxTree! Not only are they beauty innovators, with their range of sheet-masks for men (BarberPro) and women taking the global beauty industry by storm, but in recent years they’ve embraced sustainability, developing a list of green credentials that shows a loving commitment to the planet.

In fact, we’re proud to have been a part of that change in focus, as Laura explains:

“We really wanted to include BeautyPro and BarberPro products in our collection as they’re so luxurious, well-renowned and frankly, cool, with their use of materials like charcoal. But they weren’t publicising any ethical credentials, so sadly that ruled them out for BoxTree.

When I contacted them to double check, they revealed they were investigating ways to improve their carbon footprint, which was great news. They’re now an eco-inspiration in the beauty world, from their plastic-free masks to their adoption of 400K UK honeybees! As for us, we’re absolutely delighted to have them in our collection – and their spa treatment box (which sets you up with everything you need for a home-spa experience) is a personal favourite.”

Here are some other environmental commitments that really float our BoxTree boat:

  • All BeautyPro ingredients are sustainably sourced from ethical suppliers.
  • Their plant-based masks are 100% water-free as well as being registered by the Vegan Society
  • They’ve partnered with Offset Earth to plant 192 trees per month to help combat deforestation and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Their packaging materials are made with FSC approved materials

Now for a bit of science:

The sheetmasks are really high quality and combine marine collagen with skin rejuvenating key vitamins, herbs and botanicals to produce fantastic results (plus they smell amazing).

The BoxTree range includes products for the ace, under eyes, neck and hands that target anti-ageing concerns whilst also improving skin tone and complexion. And finally, they come in cute little sachets and boxes perfect for popping in the gift box for someone who deserves a treat.

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