Maker Stories

All of BeautyPro’s ingredients are sustainably sourced and they have amazing eco-credentials, from their plastic-free masks to their adoption of 400,000 UK honeybees.

 These popular self-heating eye masks with their calming fragrances are made from completely natural materials, have 100% recyclable packaging and include special charity ranges dedicated to meaningful causes… Perfection!



When Nat and Andy Bond started a family, they realised that they wanted to use skincare products that were truly natural and free from chemicals... So, they decided to make their own, and we’re very glad they did! 
Laura launched her business whilst at university, selling handmade fudge at festivals. She now stocks a range of firm British favourites from giant strawberries to pink and white mice, all hand-made in Yorkshire where she also hosts her HQ.
Every penny of From Babies with Love’s profits goes to children who have lost their parents through war, famine, disease and poverty, and allows them to start a new life in safety with loving families.

Lara Morgan’s original range of natural, calming aromatherapy products are designed to be carried in your pocket, helping busy people de-stress throughout the day. They’re 100% natural with packaging that is recyclable or reusable.

Wally & Whiz wine gums have taken the much loved sweet and turned it into a gourmet taste experience, with flavours including Apple & Yuzu and Mango & Passionfruit as standard, as well as incredible gastronomic combinations created by Michelin-starred chefs for ‘signature editions’. These include Claus Henriksen’s Peach & Bronze Fennell and Jakob Mielcke’s Liquorish and Woodruff both of which are just crying out to be sampled, and as soon as possible! Brilliantly, all profits from these signature specials is donated to charity, making them an even sweeter treat for us to enjoy.
This is the tale of a young chap who wanted to create a sock that would change socks forever… Shunning the flimsy, throw-away footwear of his youth, he wanted something long-lasting, classic yet quirky, sustainably made and of premium quality… And so, the bamboo sock was born!
Laura Jackson’s aesthetically pleasing designs come from a love of homewares and interiors combined with a life-changing period travelling in far-flung countries and absorbing cultural and visual inspiration as she went. Her style is contemporary and geometric with a firm footing in nature, and her coasters, tea towels and washbags come in a range of classic shades to brighten up any room.
Introducing Ceri and Natalie Jones, a husband and wife team and the hearts and brains behind luxury vegan leather brand Goodehoo. The Joneses combined a love of beautifully designed accessories, stationery and gifts with a commitment to the planet, making their strokeably soft items from animal-friendly ‘leather’. 
The humble marshmallow evokes memories of campfires, children’s party bags and corner shop treats… But the Naked Marshmallow Co have taken this fluffy favourite and given it both attitude and ethics, introducing a range of flavours from salted caramel to raspberry & prosecco, and ensuring that their ‘mallows are made from 100% natural ingredients.
TieBandz is a company founded by two friends, and their friendship shines through everything they do. From the vibrant friendship-bracelet-style hairbands that are kind to your hair, to their support of charities working to empower women, this is the modern-day definition of girl power and we love that they’re part of our collection.