Let's Make It Personal

In the digital haze that is online Christmas shopping finding original gifts that feel thoughtful and personal is a tough call. Far from saving us time, trawling the internet for that perfect gift can take hours of bewildering online search which doesn’t always guarantee success.

At BoxTree we try to take away some of that pain by doing the research for you. We spend time selecting the best products from carefully chosen gift companies and combine them in a complementary way to give each box a personal touch.  We include the best products from brands you know and love along with brands you have yet to discover.

Every box comes with a handwritten note and is professionally presented: an elegant white keepsake box tied with a classic candy-striped ribbon, opened to reveal beautifully hand-wrapped gifts.

What makes us different is understanding the importance of presentation and the message that sends.  We understand that an aesthetically pleasing gift suggests care and affection, and that a handwritten card, in a digital age of clicks and tweets, communicates that the recipient is worth the time.

Gifting is not just about shopping. We are not Amazon. Our raison d’etre is the act of giving and the experience that creates for the recipient - and that personal touch doesn’t have to be lost just because people buy through their laptop or smartphone.