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A hand-picked box for a new mum during lockdown

A hand-picked box for a new mum during lockdown

Hi BoxTree! I've been meaning to write a review of your 'pick-your-own' boxes since the birth of my daughter, Darcy, but time has flown by and somehow she's now 7 months old! She's just started teething so I've been using the Nibbling teething ring that was part of my box. It's SO lovely and fits so well in her little hand, and it reminded me that I wanted to get in touch.

Darcy was born three weeks before lockdown and I spent that time in a happy new-baby-daze, vaguely aware of scary news reports, but trying to block them out. My best friend lives miles away and we had planned for her to come and stay nearby so she could meet Darcy, but all of a sudden everything became incredibly serious and scary, and she had to cancel her trip.

The next day, after we'd had a bit of a weepy conversation on the phone, a box arrived in the post. I lifted the lid, and beneath layers of floaty tissue paper was the sweetest collection of new mum gifts, all chosen by her. I can't tell you how special it was. Along with the Nibbling teething ring there was an organic cotton muslin, Little B Baby Hair & Body Wash all for Darcy... and a bar of Love Cocoa chocolate and a Spacemask eye mask for me!

I loved it so much that I'm going to do the same for any friends and family when they become parents. Thank you for coming up with such a great idea. For people to be able to browse your amazing collection of gifts and choose the perfect items for their loved ones is really something special. And the fact that all your suppliers are ethically sound companies is just the icing on the cake.