Introducing: Vent for Change

VENT is a Bristol based ethical stationery brand with a mission: to help children worldwide have access to the education they deserve. Proceeds from every VENT product sold go towards global education projects getting children back in to school.

We first came across VENT earlier this year when listening to founder, Evan Lewis, give a talk about purpose-led brands.  It got us thinking about how we could start doing more to make our gifts more meaningful - beyond the joy it brings to the initial recipient.

We were already stocking pencils in our gift range, so it was obvious to that if we were going to stock any pencil, it should be this one.

Not only does VENT invest in and support educational projects around the world as well as awareness campaigns in schools in the UK (“Share a Pencil Day”), the pencils themselves are made from recycled CD cases, meaning they are also helping to reduce plastic waste.

“Pencils are the most iconic educational tool going back centuries and I wanted to do something with them, something inspirational.”Evan Lewis Founder

After months of research, speaking with NGOs and charities large and small, it was clear education was a priority the world over. Evan had a potential one million spare pencils being produced each year, but the key was money. Money to rebuild schools, pay teachers and provide essential materials. Evan then fell upon a solution. Sell his pencils and other stationery here in the UK and from the proceeds support existing education projects around the world.


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