Introducing: Love Cocoa

We’re starting this new month by taking you behind the scenes and showcasing the reasons that we choose the products stocked at BoxTree. There’s a science and a story to our purchasing and all of the independent brands that make their way into our gifts and our store have been chosen for a reason. We help you give good gifts.

First up, a huge warm welcome to James Cadbury and his award winning brand Love Cocoa which we’re proud to feature in a great many of our curated gift boxes.

Does the name sound familiar? It should do. James is the great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury, who set up Cadbury chocolate nearly 200 years ago.

With the Cadbury brand not having been part of the family for some time now, a new brand was needed for a new man who still loved chocolate and all the heritage and knowledge his family has with it. Oh and purpose….. this man has purpose a -plenty.

Take a look at Love Cocoa to understand why this brand of delicious, palm oil free chocolate is donating 10% of their profits to The Rainforest Foundation.

In their own words…‘We can’t pretend that our efforts will save the planet, but we believe that making a difference, no matter how small the impact, is worth something. By partnering with The Rainforest Foundation, we show our commitment to zero deforestation and poverty and hope to revitalise the humble cocoa bean to its rightful glory.’

We’re really proud to support this fantastic UK business and spread the word about their fantastic work.

Now on a less serious note…. We stock Prosecco flavoured chocolate, gin truffles, birthday cake flavour, honeycomb, milk…. oh and the most delicious Ecuadorian dark. Which one do you fancy?