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Good Gifting Guide: Gifts to say Thank You

Acknowledging generosity, help and support with a big "THANK YOU" leaves both parties feeling a warm little glow. And there's never been a more important time to appreciate each other and both the big and small kindnesses we show each other every day.

Whatever the cause, putting together a thank you box and expressing your gratitude in one of our handwritten cards will spread some much-needed goodwill and sunshine wherever it is delivered. Here are 5 ideas for the perfect way to show your thanks:

Say it with chocolate
The perfect place to start for any gratitude box is the Love Cocoa 'Thank You' Chocolate Bar from ethical chocolatier, James Cadbury. Containing sticky honeycomb pieces combined with single origin, organic, Fairtrade milk chocolate, this purchase will help combat deforestation with 10% of profits going to the Rainforest Foundation.

Instant and delayed gratification
A lovely idea for a thank you gift is combining items that they can keep to remember your gratitude with an instant treat. For example, you could combine a reusable coffee cup with tea or coffee bags, or provide 15 minutes' relaxation with a Spacemask and a beautiful bracelet... nice treat plus gift to keep!

Daily reminder
A fab way to make that warm feeling last is to give something that they can use every day. For a daily boost when they pick it up, I'd recommend the Kind Bag. With most of us only getting out of the house to pop to the shops, you can jazz things up with this pocket-sized, planet-friendly reusable bag.

Put your feet up
Give the gift of an hour of me-time. Choose from a range of bath-time pampering products, snuggly alpaca socks and organic hot chocolate to create an evening-in that they truly deserve. Finish off your box with some bedtime reading, selecting that perfect book from our wide range. 

Here's one we prepared earlier
For a quick win, you can always rely on our carefully hand-picked Thank You Box which combines the prettiest pastel collection of stationery, lip balm and hand cream and presents a beautiful sight when they lift the lid.


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