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Good Gifting Guide: Gifts for the School Holidays

A really lovely way to celebrate the freedom and fun of the holidays with the children in your life is by sending them crafts, toys and activities in the post. We all know that a specially addressed box delivered by the postman is bound to raise beaming smiles and it's a great way to kick off the holiday. Plus, if you choose gifts that will keep children happy and entertained, it's as much a gift for the parent or carer in their life as for them! Here are Claire's Top 7 Tips for choosing school holiday gifts:

Busy Fingers
From retro arcade games to model-making, a new toy that will require concentration and some fiddly finger-work is a winner with most older children. Not only do puzzles, games and model-making provide hours of fun, there's great satisfaction to be had in completing the task!

The Great Outdoors
Family walks can be given a whole new dimension with some fun outdoorsy games and gadgets. For the little explorer who wants to learn about the world at large and in miniature, we have binoculars and nature trail insect viewers among other fun outdoor play items.

Creative Crafts
The hours can fly by when you're engrossed in a creative project, and from free-hand drawing to colouring and games kits, we have a great little range of arts and crafts supplies. Simply choose whether the child in question is more into unicorns or rockets, and you're good to go!

Tots to Tweens
As the years whizz by it can be hard to keep up with what's age-appropriate - last year's joyfully received stickers just might not cut it this year! To help, we have created a range of ready-made boxes suitable from 3-year-olds up to tweens with the 'Cool to be Kind' box. And remember that we're always on hand to offer advice if needed.

Super Scientists
For the little scientist in your life, some scientific activities will keep them engaged throughout the school break. We recommend adding a fun 'experiment' such as a 'Hatch your own Dinosaur' kit to a gift box to fill an afternoon with geeky fun.

Sweet Treats
No child's box would be complete without one or two sweet treats to enjoy over the holidays. All of our ready-made children's boxes come with a cute chocolatey treat, and if you're building your own box you can pick from our wide range of confectionery, including some fab vegan options.

Fun for All the Family
There are so many fun ways for children to play and express themselves creatively during the holidays, but the most special time of all is often when they get together with their family for a few hours of fun. With this in mind, we've also created the Games Night box containing classic board games such as Ludo, Dominoes and Juggling Balls - plus some chocolate for the winners!

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