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Good Gifting Guide: Earth-friendly gifts

We all do our bit to care for our planet, and selecting ethical, environmentally friendly (yet still luxurious) gifts for our loved ones is an easy win. It’s what we’re all about at BoxTree: We choose our makers based on their eco-credentials and work extremely hard to deliver our sustainably produced and recyclable boxes in a planet-friendly way.

To celebrate World Earth Day, I’m shining a light on just a few of our eco-friendly makers whose ethics and ideas can help you to care for our beautiful planet by gifting green.

Candles with heritage

Recycled Candle Co source candle ends from hotels, restaurants and churches then melt them before adding scent and hand-pouring them in their Devon workshop. From a 'waste product' that would have ended up in landfill, these high-end scented candles make a luxurious gift, perfect for a spa night at home, or to give any room a soft and fragrant glow.

Thistle oil from Bonny Scotland
Inspired by the wildlife of Scotland, Bearr Man soaps and balms, and Siabann creams, are made using thistle oil – a sustainable alternative to palm oil that is light and nourishing for the skin and is known for its therapeutic, rebalancing properties.

Siabann and Bearr Man show a healthy level of respect to the planet, with refills and recyclable packaging. They also test all their products on willing friends and family, never animals.

Luxury accessories for animal-lovers
Goodehoo’s butter-soft ‘leather look’ keyrings and pens make an extra-special addition to any gift box, but their ethical take on luxury goods really sets them apart. They use hand-crafted soft grain PU rather than PVC to create the exclusive 'leather look' of their luxury products.

It looks and feels like the real thing while being completely free from animal products, and it’s a greener alternative to PVC as it doesn’t require the same chemical plasticisers and will therefore eventually degrade.

Honey from precious bees
A wonderful example of the worldwide movement to protect bees, the entire ethos of Nordic Honey is to demonstrate the preciousness of organic honey – a substance which is under threat of disappearing from our world along with its industrious insect producers.

They only partner with small Scandinavian apiaries and the protected bees collect nectar in clean environments at least 3km away from roads, factories or chemically fertilized fields. This is what makes the honey organic, 100% natural and beautifully pure, and their hand-crafted wooden and glass packaging makes them an extremely special gift.