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One Bar = One Tree

So what does giving good gifts actually look like in practice?

Earlier this week we started a new weekly campaign in which we’ll tell you about the extra little things or special reasons why we’ve chose the brands that we add to our boxes and our stand alone collections. It’s not just about the brilliance of their products and the prettiness of their presentation.

Love Cocoa were first in line and today we’d like to thank them for a few of the incredible things they’ve achieved as a brilliant British independent business. So thank you to James Cadbury and team for:

🏠 Working with a small family run business of cocoa manufacturers who have a long and respectful relationship with all members of the value chain. They are paid above the market price and Love Cocoa work with them to help them replant the trees they cut down and to improve the way they harvest their crop.

📦 Ensuring that their packaging is either compostable or recyclable

🌲 Committing to planting 50,000 trees in 2020.

If you like what you hear and want to find out more about what Love Cocoa are doing to look after the future of important things such as the gorgeous specimen pictured, we wholeheartedly recommend that you subscribe to their excellent newsletter. You’ll learn some things, we promise.

Oh and here's why their Founder, James Cadbury, loves working with BoxTree...

'We are delighted to have been included in BoxTree's premium boxes after meeting Laura and understanding more about the values of her company. She works with some amazing brands that all care about the environment and it is refreshing to find a hamper company that delivers a beautiful box that is also ethical. Social conscious giving is a growing market and we are happy to have been included in these stunning collections and are looking forward to working with BoxTree for years to come.'

If you want to give someone you love a bar of palm oil free chocolate and plant a tree on their behalf…