Gifts On Purpose: Rethinking The Way We Give

It's been two years since we launched BoxTree and things have certainly changed a lot in that time!  When we first started, I was a busy working mum who outsourced nearly every household task from shopping to ironing.  We were inspired to serve busy people like ourselves by providing a gift service that was super high quality, beautifully presented and always on time. 

We set out with an aim to delight all of our customers and soon built a dedicated following of clients who continue to use us on a regular basis for all their gifting needs.  Our gifts are beautiful and always well received, often used to celebrate special events or support someone at a difficult time.  We love knowing that we are delivering smiles all across the country.

But as we reached the end of our second year, I began to feel a little uneasy about our mission.  In my own life at home I had been trying to reduce the amount of possessions and general volume of 'stuff' we had around us, and had found it to be a very rewarding experience - switching to reusables, recycled products where we could and buying only high quality goods rather than 'throwaway' items.  At the same time we began to explore, as a company, how the work we were doing was affecting our local environment and the planet in general.  We wanted to make sure we were minimising our impact as far as we could.

I started to wonder if there was a way we could make our gifts more meaningful for both the giver and the receiver.

In January 2019 we began to realign our product range with a new mission to stock only gifts from brands that could demonstrate a strong 'purpose'.  Either by giving profits back to good causes, or by providing gifts that supported our environmental mission to protect our planet for the future. It's been a fabulous journey discovering new brands that are designing and making products that really make a difference to peoples' lives around the world. As a result, we also had to say goodbye to some long-held brands along the way that didn't quite meet the standard.

It's an ongoing process and we're not perfect yet but it certainly feels like we're on a stronger track now, and I've been delighted to see how people have responded to the new ethos. So now (nearly) everything in store is either charitable or eco-friendly and we continue to support a growing number of small British brands by helping them bring their products to a new audience.  You'll find a 'give back' or 'feel good' factor in most of our product details and you can learn more about the brands we support by following this blog.

I hope you enjoy discovering these new gifts as much as we have - there are lots more to come...  So watch this space for developments as we roll-out new innovations including our children's gift range and plastic-free party bags! You heard it here first folks :-)

Founder & CEO

Gifts that do GOOD // Eco-Friendly & Plastic-Free Gifts // Great British Brands

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