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The Good Gifting Guide: Gifts For Loss

Sometimes when someone we care about has lost a loved one we just want to reach out and let them know that they're in our thoughts. But it can be hard to choose an appropriate gift to send at such a difficult time. We are often asked for help with this sensitive subject by our customers, so here’s Claire from our gifting team with her guidance for sending a little something to express your sympathy and honour someone’s passing.

Add a candle which can be lit for a moment of calm reflection or in memory of someone special. Bright flowering seeds are another lovely idea as they will bloom in a few weeks' time helping to bring brightness into the home.

Aromatherapy and scent have great powers to calm and soothe in difficult times. Our therapy balms can be applied to the pulse points and offer a calming moment when needed.

For a few moments of rest we recommend the self-heating Spacemask which offers a warming eye treatment and 15 minutes of calm. These jasmine-scented masks, along with our luxury pillow spray, are also great for anyone struggling with sleep.

Self Care
A relaxing bubble bath or a soothing hand cream are a simple way of looking after ourselves. Self care is so important during difficult times and these simple rituals can really help to calm us and lift our spirits.

Your Words
The most important part of this gesture is the words you choose to say in your card. A few lines from the heart, perhaps some verse, or simply sharing your own fond memories can be a huge comfort.

When it comes to gifts for loss, we are always careful to prepare your gift box with simpler wrap and a choice of cards that are appropriate to the circumstance. And whatever you choose to say in your card, we will carefully and respectfully relay your message by hand.